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How It Works

Simply fill out and submit all of your information on the Contact Us page. You can also give us a call or text your information. We will promptly visit your property for a free estimate and call you if necessary to discuss any concerns that we may have regarding your property. We will leave you a written estimate in your door and/or contact you if desired.

What We Do

Prior to your application (usually 1-2 days prior) we will email, call or text you an appointment reminder. Using a commercial backpack sprayer, we apply a safe EPA approved insecticide to all areas that act as safe harbors for mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.  We treat all foliage, tall grasses and/or weeds, along your foundation, under decks and porches, and any standing water. We can reach over 30 feet up into the trees, providing maximum coverage of your property. Not only does this process kill all of the adult mosquitoes, we can also apply a larvacide that will keep mosquitoes, fleas and ticks from breeding in the future. Each treatment will last for 21 days. The treatment is completely safe for humans and pets once it has dried for 30 minutes.


You do not need to be home, but you will need to keep all pets inside during the application process. We will also need to have access to your back yard. We will leave a slip letting you know that we applied a treatment to your yard and when it was applied. The effects of the barrier spray will be evident within hours. We will email an invoice to you once the service is completed. You may pay online or leave us a check if you prefer.

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